Neisz and Smith Family Genealogy

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The earliest known ancestor for the Neisz line is Charles Neisz.  Two families who married into the Neisz line are the Smith's and Wyatt's. 

Charles Neisz came to America in the 1840's.  His port of entry is unknown but he settled in Richmond, Virginia.  His date of birth is 12 March 1835 and he was born in Hesse-Kassel, Germany and death occurred on a Saturday at 606 W. Broad St. in Richmond, VA on 11 October 1902.  He married Helena Roescher on 08 January 1854 on a Sunday at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Richmond, VA.  Helena's date of birth is 19 March 1834 Wednesday in Neckargemund, Baden, Germany and her death was 02 February 1895 in Richmond, VA.

It is believed that Charles Neisz was the son of William Neisz and mother Margaret ?.  After Helena died, Charles married again to Barbar Hulcher AmrheinAll of Charles' children were from the marriage to Helena.  Records indicate 13 children:

John Andrew Neisz  born 18 april 1856
Margaretha Catherina Neisz  born 11 Dec 1856 and died abt 1924
John Peter Neisz 
born Apr 1858 and died 27 Jun 1858
Helena Neisz  born 17 Apr 1859  Married George Wurach
Charles Neisz Jr  born 15 Feb 1861 and died 10 Apr 1928  Married
Eleanor Agnes Vonderlehr
Benjamin F. Neisz  born May 1864 and died 9 Apr 1949
Joseph F. Neisz  born 2 Feb 1868 and died 16 Sept 1902  Married Ida Florence Cave and
Mildred Annie Harris
Franklin J. Neisz 
born abt 1870 and died 29 Dec 1894  Married Alice Burnett
Phillip Lee Neisz  born abt 1872 and died 6 Apr 1914  Married Martha Jennie Smith
Minnie Louise Neisz  born 9 Feb 1874  Married William H. Wyatt Jr.
unnamed Neisz  born 2 Mar 1876 and died 3 Mar 1876
Ida May Neisz  born 6 Feb 1877 and death unknown  Married William H. Wyatt Jr.
William Leroy Neisz  born 25 Aug 1879 and died 12 Dec 1894

All of the above children were born in Virginia.

Two sisters-Minnie Louise Neisz and Ida May Neisz married the same man William H. Wyatt JrA family story my mother handed down claims that this Wyatt family had kinship to a Wyatt that was once Governor of Virginia.   This would have been Sir Francis Wyatt
of the early 1600's.  Some marginial proof of this exists but not enough to claim kinship.  Any info in this area would be appreciated. 

Charles Neisz Jr and Eleanor Agnes Vonderlehr had 6 children that are known.
    Marie Virginia Neisz  born 24 Oct 1882 and died 2 July 1957  Married
Charles H. Robertson
    George August Neisz 
born 28 Nov 1885 and died 7 Feb 1942 at Grace Hospital in Richmond, VA.  Married Eva Myrtle Wood on 30 June 1908 in Richmond, VA
    Robert Andrew Neisz  born April  1888 and died 15 Feb 1934 in a garage behind 1430 Hull St. in Richmond, VA  Married Nancy Mundin
    Walter Alvin Neisz 
born 16 Sept 1896 and died 25 Sept 1955  Married Thelma May Clark on 21 June 1917
     Lawrence Neisz  born 1899
    Violet Neisz  born abt 1901 and died 1 Dec 1988  Married
Archie T. Duncan

George August Neisz and Eva Myrtle Wood had 5 children.  
     Marie L. Neisz  born 6 July 1912 in VA and died 1 Oct 1984 in Richmond, VA Married William A. Bachtle, Jr and Arthur A. Widmark
     Charles Warren Neisz  born 17 July 1914 in Richmond, VA and died 9 Jun 1985 in VA married Doris Marie ?
     William Earle Neisz 
born 17 Aug 1917 at 606 China St. in Richmond, VA and died 14 Oct 1990 in Richmond, VA Married Catherine Walker Smith
     Alice W. Neisz  born 1918 in VA  Married Garland V. Byrd
     Lucille A. Neisz  
born 1919 in VA  Married William Clayton

If you have any information you can share concerning any Neisz's, Smith's, or Wyatt's in the Richmond, Virginia area or any of kinship please email at the following address.  Also, I will be most eager to help in your searches with any information I may have.  Just click on the email name below and forward your information or requests. 

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